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Sunday Aug, 7
The One with the Red Sweater
(HD, Comedy, 10/04/2001, S8/E2, TV-14)
The One Where Rachel Tells...
(HD, Comedy, 10/11/2001, S8/E3, TV-14)
The One with the Videotape
(HD, Comedy, 10/18/2001, S8/E4, TV-14)
The Dinner Party
(Comedy, 2/03/1994, S5/E13, TV-PG)
The Pie
(Comedy, 2/17/1994, S5/E15, TV-PG)
The Stand-In
(Comedy, 2/24/1994, S5/E16, TV-PG)
The Wife
(Comedy, 3/17/1994, S5/E17, TV-PG)
Mike & Molly
Mudlick or Bust
(HD, Comedy, 4/13/2015, S5/E17, TV-14)
Mike & Molly
What Ever Happened to Baby Peggy
(HD, Comedy, 3/16/2015, S5/E14, TV-14)
Mike & Molly
Pie Fight
(HD, Comedy, 3/23/2015, S5/E15, TV-14)
Mike & Molly
Cocktails and Calamine
(HD, Comedy, 3/30/2015, S5/E16, TV-14)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Lost in Bikini Bottom; Tutor Sauce
(HD, Repeat, Children, 7/16/2015, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
The Good Krabby Name; Move It or Lose It
(HD, Repeat, Children, TV-Y7, AD)
Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years
Squisery; Game Night
(Repeat, Children, 3/03/2022, TV-G)
SpongeBob SquarePants
The New Leaf; Once Bitten
(HD, Repeat, Children, TV-Y7, AD)
The Loud House
The Loathe Boat
(HD, Repeat, Children, 8/05/2022, TV-Y7)
The Casagrandes
Alpaca Lies; Rocket Plan
(HD, Repeat, Children, 8/05/2022, S3/E17, TV-Y7)
Star Trek Prodigy
A Moral Star, Part 1
(HD, Repeat, Children, 1/27/2022, S1/E8, TV-Y7, AD)
Star Trek Prodigy
A Moral Star, Part 2
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/03/2022, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Spongebob LongPants; Larry's Gym
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/15/2016, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Pineapple Fever; Chum Caverns
(HD, Repeat, Children, 8/01/2009, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Eek! An Urchin!; Squid's Defense
(HD, Repeat, Children, 1/01/2013, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Squidward's School for Grown Ups; Oral Report
(HD, Repeat, Children, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
No Hat for Pat; Toy Store of Doom
(HD, Repeat, Children, 7/19/2009, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Don't Look Now; Séance Schméance
(HD, Repeat, Children, 10/14/2013, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Big Bad Bubble Bass; Sea-Man Sponge Haters Club
(HD, Repeat, Children, 5/06/2022, S2/E74, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Plankton's Old Chum; Stormy Weather
(HD, Repeat, Children, 11/30/2019, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Bubbletown; Girls' Night Out
(HD, Repeat, Children, 11/12/2018, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Mimic Madness; House Worming
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/25/2017, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpyBob; Good Old Whatshisname; Boat Smarts
(HD, Repeat, Children, 7/23/2007, S5/E4, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Whale Watching; Krusty Kleaners
(HD, Repeat, Children, 8/06/2018, TV-Y7, AD)
Despicable Me
(HD, Comedy, Movie, 2010, TV-G, PG, ***+)
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
The Tale of the Looking Glass
(HD, Repeat, Drama, 8/06/2022, S3/E3, TV-PG)
SpongeBob SquarePants
The Patty Caper; Plankton's Regular
(HD, Repeat, Children, 8/27/2008, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
The Krusty Bucket; Squid's on a Bus
(HD, Repeat, Children, 8/10/2019, TV-Y7, AD)
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
(HD, Animated, Movie, 2015, TV-PG, PG, **+)
The One with the Secret Closet
(HD, Comedy, 1/31/2002, S8/E14, TV-PG)
The One Where Joey Tells Rachel
(HD, Comedy, 2/28/2002, S8/E16, TV-PG)
The One with the Tea Leaves
(HD, Comedy, 3/07/2002, S8/E17, TV-PG)
The One in Massapequa
(HD, Comedy, 3/28/2002, S8/E18, TV-PG)
Monday Aug, 8
The One with Joey's Interview
(HD, Comedy, 4/04/2002, S8/E19, TV-PG)
The One with the Baby Shower
(HD, Comedy, 4/25/2002, S8/E20, TV-PG)
The One with the Cooking Class
(HD, Comedy, 5/02/2002, S8/E21, TV-PG)
The Raincoats, Part 2
(Comedy, 4/28/1994, S5/E19, TV-PG)
The Chaperone
(Comedy, 9/22/1994, S6/E1, TV-PG)
The Pledge Drive
(Comedy, 10/06/1994, S6/E3, TV-PG)
The Chinese Woman
(Comedy, 10/13/1994, S6/E4, TV-PG)
Mike & Molly
Near Death Do Us Part
(HD, Comedy, 5/11/2015, S5/E21, TV-14)
Mike & Molly
No Kay Morale
(HD, Comedy, 4/20/2015, S5/E18, TV-14)
Mike & Molly
Mother From Another Mudlick
(HD, Comedy, 4/27/2015, S5/E19, TV-14)
Mike & Molly
Fight To The Finish
(HD, Comedy, 5/04/2015, S5/E20, TV-14)
Young Sheldon
A Party Invitation, Football Grapes and an Earth Chicken
(HD, Comedy, 12/05/2019, S3/E9, TV-PG)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy; Pickles
(HD, Repeat, Children, 1/01/1999, S1/E6, TV-Y7, AD)
PAW Patrol
Pups Party with Bats
(HD, Repeat, Children, 7/08/2017, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save the Mer-Pup
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/18/2015, S2/E16, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save a Pool Day; Circus Pup-Formers
(HD, Repeat, Children, 10/13/2013, S1/E14, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save a High Flying Skye; Pups Go for the Gold
(HD, Repeat, Children, 7/21/2018, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Parroting Pups; Merpups Save the Turbots
(HD, Repeat, Children, 12/03/2016, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie; Pups Save Ryder
(HD, Repeat, Children, 3/08/2014, S1/E21, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save a School Bus; Pups Save the Songbirds
(HD, Repeat, Children, 5/26/2016, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Liberty Makes a New Friend; Pups Save the Pup Pup Boogie Contest
(HD, Repeat, Children, 3/25/2022, S9/E1, TV-Y)
Face's Music Party
Transportation; Rain
(New, Children, 8/08/2022, S1/E10, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save Baby Humdinger; Pups Save a Pinata
(HD, Repeat, Children, 1/27/2018, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save the Hiding Elephants; Pups Save a Yodeler
(HD, Repeat, Children, 7/03/2021, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Dancing with Luke Stars!; Pups Save a Mischievous Octopus
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/19/2022, S8/E21, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Sea Patrol: Pirate Pups to the Rescue
(HD, Repeat, Children, 10/21/2017, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Sea Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/03/2018, TV-Y)
Middlemost Post
Unhappy Campers; Leprechauns 2
(New, Children, 8/08/2022, TV-Y7)
SpongeBob SquarePants
MuscleBob BuffPants; Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost
(HD, Repeat, Children, 9/25/1999, S1/E11, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Welcome to the Chum Bucket; Frankendoodle
(HD, Repeat, Children, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Gullible Pants; Overbooked
(HD, Repeat, Children, 7/19/2009, TV-Y7, AD)
The Patrick Star Show
X Marks the Pot; Patrick's Alley
(Repeat, Children, 4/14/2022, TV-Y7)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Pressure; The Smoking Peanut
(HD, Repeat, Children, 3/08/2001, S2/E12, TV-Y7, AD)
The Loud House
A Grave Mistake; Leader of the Rack
(HD, Repeat, Children, 9/06/2019, TV-Y7)
The Loud House
For Bros About to Rock; It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House
(HD, Repeat, Children, 6/11/2016, TV-Y7)
The Big Diff; Final Eclipse
(Repeat, Children, 10/07/2021, TV-Y7)
The Loud House
Blinded by Science; Band Together
(HD, Repeat, Children, 10/16/2020, S5/E4, TV-Y7)
Tyler Perry's Young Dylan
Dylan & Charlie's Day Off
(Repeat, Comedy, 8/04/2022, TV-Y7)
That Girl Lay Lay
Lay Lay Gets a Pet Pet
(Repeat, Children, 8/04/2022, TV-G)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Nasty Patty; The Idiot Box
(HD, Repeat, Children, 3/01/2002, S3/E4, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Something Smells; Bossy Boots
(HD, Repeat, Children, 10/26/2000, S2/E1, TV-Y7, AD)
The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Pt. 1
(HD, Comedy, 5/16/2002, S8/E23, TV-PG)
The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Pt. 2
(HD, Comedy, 5/16/2002, S8/E24, TV-PG)
The One Where No One Proposes
(HD, Comedy, 9/26/2002, S9/E1, TV-14)
The One Where Emma Cries
(HD, Comedy, 10/03/2002, S9/E2, TV-14)
The One with the Pediatrician
(HD, Comedy, 10/10/2002, S9/E3, TV-14)
The One with the Male Nanny
(HD, Comedy, 11/07/2002, S9/E6, TV-14)
Tuesday Aug, 9
The One with Ross' Inappropriate Song
(HD, Comedy, 11/14/2002, S9/E7, TV-14)
The One with Rachel's Phone Number
(HD, Comedy, 12/05/2002, S9/E9, TV-14)
The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work
(HD, Comedy, 1/09/2003, S9/E11, TV-14)
The Gymnast
(Comedy, 11/03/1994, S6/E6, TV-PG)
The Soup
(Comedy, 11/10/1994, S6/E7, TV-PG)
The Mom & Pop Store
(Comedy, 11/17/1994, S6/E8, TV-PG)
The Secretary
(Comedy, 12/08/1994, S6/E9, TV-PG)
Mike & Molly
The Bitter Man and the Sea
(HD, Comedy, 5/18/2015, S5/E22, TV-14)
Mike & Molly
Cops on the Rocks
(HD, Comedy, 1/06/2016, S6/E1, TV-14)
Mike & Molly
One Small Step for Mike
(HD, Comedy, 1/13/2016, S6/E2, TV-14)
Mike & Molly
Peg O' My Heart Attack
(HD, Comedy, 1/20/2016, S6/E3, TV-14)
Young Sheldon
Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit
(HD, Comedy, 1/16/2020, S3/E12, TV-PG)
SpongeBob SquarePants
The Chaperone; Employee of the Month
(HD, Repeat, Children, 1/01/1999, S1/E12, TV-Y7, AD)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save the Space Alien; Pups Save a Flying Frog
(HD, Repeat, Children, 8/29/2014, S2/E1, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save a Space Rock; Pups Save a Good Mayor
(HD, Repeat, Children, 10/07/2017, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save Their Floating Friends; Pups Save a Satellite
(HD, Repeat, Children, 1/14/2017, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save a Rubble-Double; Pups Save a Clown
(HD, Repeat, Children, 6/25/2021, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Go All Monkey; Pups Save a Hoot
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/08/2014, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save the Polar Bears; A Pup in Sheep's Clothing
(HD, Repeat, Children, 5/19/2016, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Rocky Saves Himself; Pups and the Mystery of the Driverless Snocat
(HD, Repeat, Children, 12/25/2018, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save a Trash-Dinger; Pups Save the Royal Armor
(HD, Repeat, Children, 1/30/2021, S7/E21, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save a Freaky Pup-Day; Pups Save a Runaway Mayor
(HD, Repeat, Children, 8/10/2019, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save Big Paw; Pups Save a Hum-Mover
(HD, Repeat, Children, 7/07/2018, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save Daring Danny X; Pups in a Fix
(HD, Repeat, Children, 4/16/2016, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Raise the Paw Patroller; Pups Save the Crows
(HD, Repeat, Children, 1/07/2017, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Save a Pluck-O-Matic; Pups Save a Mascot
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/23/2019, TV-Y)
PAW Patrol
Pups Bear-ly Save Danny; Pups Save the Mayor's Tulips
(HD, Repeat, Children, 8/14/2016, TV-Y)
Middlemost Post
Sporty Parker; Hammy Time
(New, Children, 8/09/2022, TV-Y7)
SpongeBob SquarePants
A Life in a Day; Sun Bleached
(HD, Repeat, Children, 6/04/2008, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Big Sister Sam; Perfect Chemistry
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/26/2011, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Karen 2.0; InSpongeiac
(HD, Repeat, Children, 4/14/2012, TV-Y7, AD)
The Patrick Star Show
Late for Breakfast; Bummer Jobs
(Repeat, Children, 7/09/2021, S1/E1, TV-Y7)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Nature Pants; Opposite Day
(HD, Repeat, Children, 1/01/1999, S1/E9, TV-Y7, AD)
The Loud House
Can't Hardly Wait; A Mutt Above
(HD, Repeat, Children, 10/26/2019, S4/E11, TV-Y7)
The Loud House
Silence of the Luans; Undercover Mom
(HD, Repeat, Children, 3/26/2021, S5/E10, TV-Y7)
Escape from Preschool; Mr. Chuckie
(Repeat, Children, 10/07/2021, TV-Y7)
The Loud House
The Boss Maybe; Family Bonding
(HD, Repeat, Children, 9/18/2020, S5/E1, TV-Y7)
The Loud House
Sister Act; House Flip
(HD, Repeat, Children, 5/11/2020, S4/E20, TV-Y7)
The Loud House
Runaway McBride; High Crimes
(HD, Repeat, Children, 2/25/2022, TV-Y7)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Yours, Mine and Mine; Kracked Krabs
(HD, Repeat, Children, 9/11/2010, S8/E4, TV-Y7, AD)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Sanitation Insanity; Bunny Hunt
(HD, Repeat, Children, 3/30/2018, TV-Y7, AD)
The One with the Blind Date
(HD, Comedy, 2/06/2003, S9/E14, TV-14)
The One with the Mugging
(HD, Comedy, 2/13/2003, S9/E15, TV-PG)
The One with the Boob Job
(HD, Comedy, 2/20/2003, S9/E16, TV-PG)
The One with the Memorial Service
(HD, Comedy, 3/13/2003, S9/E17, TV-PG)
The One with the Lottery
(HD, Comedy, 4/03/2003, S9/E18, TV-PG)
The One with Rachel's Dream
(HD, Comedy, 4/17/2003, S9/E19, TV-PG)
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